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Accounting Supervisor (SWAN Insurance)

SBS Philippines Corporation Posted: 2 Month
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Date position needed: 18th September 2023

Salary to offer: P32,000 basic + P2,000 allowance




General Function


The Accounting Supervisor is responsible for supervising the activities of the Accounting Staff of the Accounting Division of the Finance Department. Ensures that all income had been accrued monthly, billings has been sent and all government remittances are files and paid before the deadline. Shall also responsible in managing the closing of books monthly and annually, prepares all journal voucher adjustments, run trial balance and prepare all financial statements with corresponding schedule on all balance sheet accounts.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities


On Tax and other Government Compliance:


1.       Prepares remittances for BIR withholding tax on wages, expanded withholding taxes, vat, income tax, Final Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, Annual Registration and all Taxes and Licenses, SSS premiums and loans, HDMF premiums and loans, PHIC and other employee loans and deductions; have it all verified by the Chief Accountant and approved by the Chief Finance Officer;

2.       Remit the prepared and approved documents on or before the deadline through electronic filing and payment system or manual payment form or ebiforms;

3.       Maintain soft copies of all remittances and have it archived to a safe hard drive;

4.       After payment, forward all copies of SSS, HDMF, and PHIC Forms to HRM Office for filing and for employees’ needs;

5.       File all BIR Tax returns at the designated safe cabinet for easy access;

6.       Collect all form 2307 from customers and ensures its completeness for income tax filing.

7.       Review and keep all copies of form 2307 for Vendors or Suppliers and ensure that Accounting Analyst had caused the proper issuance of the Certificate of Creditable Withholding Tax before releasing the check &/or as scheduled by the suppliers or vendors;

8.       Facilitates the issuance of business permits at the head office and satellite offices and project sites;

9.       Facilitates the registration of all offices and sites with the BIR and ensure timely renewal of all registrations;

10.    Facilitates the retirement of all branches, project sites and satellite offices after finishing all the projects as declared by the Management Committee;

11.    Facilitates preparation and submission of required documents to the Examiners during Tax Audit;

12.    Monthly reconciliation of all Taxes and Government Premium Accounts in the General Ledger;

a.       Prepaid Taxes and Licenses

b.       Deferred Charges – MCIT

c.        Input Tax – Domestic Goods

d.       Input Tax – Service

e.       Input Tax – Importation

f.         Input Tax – Capital goods not exceeding P1M

g.       Input Tax – Capital goods exceeding P1M

h.       Creditable Withholding Tax

i.         Due to BIR – VAT Payable

j.         Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Compensation

k.        Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Expanded 1%

l.         Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Expanded 2%

m.      Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Expanded 5%

n.       Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Expanded 10%

o.       Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Expanded 15%

p.       Due to BIR – Withholding Tax – Final

q.       Due to BIR – Documentary Stamp Tax Payable

r.         Due to BIR – Stock Transaction Tax Payable

s.        Due to BIR – Other Taxes Payable

t.         SSS Loan Payable

u.       SSS Premium Payable

v.        HDMF Loan Payable

w.      HDMF Premium Payable

x.        Philhealth Premium Payable

y.        Deferred Tax Liability



On Other Accounting Processes:


a.)     Verifies and reviews vouchers and adjustments based on the limits specified by the Manual on Signing Authority or Approval Matrix as maybe authorized by the Chief Accountant;

b.)     Sees to it that all accounting entries are in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles/Philippine Accounting Standards and that all accounts are properly posted according to company’s chart of accounts, project & cost centers and accounting policies;

c.)      Reviews and supervises the preparation of the General and Subsidiary Ledgers, reviews entries on the month-end journal vouchers;

d.)     Ensures taxes are accurately computed and remitted based on the approved tax plan;

e.)     Initiates the closing of books monthly and ensures that all accruals, adjustments and other transactions are booked and posted;

f.)       Prepares analysis of financial statements in a method requested by the top management;

g.)     Ensures compliance and submission of reports to SEC & BIR before its deadline;

h.)     Prepares periodic and annual reports for government regulatory authority;

i.)       Prepares monthly bank reconciliation and the reconciliation of the inter-company accounts and all balance sheet accounts.

j.)       Performs other functions as may be assigned by the Chief Accountant;


Periodic Routines/Reports to be Prepared:


1.       Quarterly Analysis of Output & Input Taxes(VAT) – (H & S)

2.       Monthly Analysis of Withholding Taxes in Wages, Withholding Taxes at Sources and Final Withholding Taxes; (H & S)

3.       Prepare Summary of Alphalist of Withholding Agents of Income Payments Subjected to Creditable Withholding Taxes (SAWT) by the Payee/Income Recipient and of Monthly Alphalist of Payees (MAP) Subjected to Withholding Tax by the Withholding Agent /Income Payor – (H & S)

4.       Monthly Analysis of SSS, PHIC, & HDMF Premiums; (H & S)

5.       Monthly Trial Balance (H& S)

6.       Monthly Income Statement (H & S)

7.       Monthly Balance Sheet with Subsidiary Schedule (H & S)

8.       Monthly Gross Profit/ Cost of Sales Analysis; (H & S)

9.       Monthly Aging of Accounts Receivable (H& S)

10.    Monthly Bank Reconciliation (H & S)

11.    Monthly Reconciliation of Intercompany Accounts (H & S)

12.    Monthly Sakes/Collection Summary (H & Soft)

13.    Monthly & Quarterly Analysis of Input & Output Taxes (VAT) (H & S)

14.    Monthly Analysis of all balance sheet accounts; (H & S)

15.    Monthly Summary of Contracts (H & S)

16.    Monthly & Annual Summary of SSS, HDMF, PHIC Premium & Loan

17.    Monthly & Annual Summary of Withholding Taxes Withheld

18.    Periodic Cash Count Report (H & S)

19.    Annual Inventory of all Properties & Supplies (H & S)

20.    Annual Statement of Financial Condition (H & S)

21.    Annual Statement of Cash Flows (H & S)

22.    Annual Statement of Retained Earnings (H & S)

23.    Annual Comprehensive Income Statement (H & S)

24.    And other reports maybe required by the regulatory authorities and the Chief Accountant and the Chief Finance Officer;

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