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  • Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Psychology, Human Resource Management or related field.
  • At least 5 year(s) of work experience  in a similar role.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of HR management; employment law, compensation, recruitment, employee relations, safety, employee engagement, training and development.
  • Proficient in the use of basic applications in a Windows-based environment, including Outlook, Word and Excel. Moderate keyboard skills at 40 WPM and 80% accuracy.
  • Excellent customer experience and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective English communication skills, both oral and written.  Can speak the local dialect and/or Filipino.
  • Action orientated. Should be able to follow up on feedback to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Knowledge and skill of modern office practices, procedures, equipment and standard clerical techniques.
  • Sufficient knowledge of modern management techniques and best practices. Leadership and human resources management skills.
  • Efficient facilitation skills. Should be able to facilitate group discussions.



A. Technical Areas of Responsibility

A.1. Training

1. Establishes the First Standard Leadership Academy that addresses company training needs including training needs assessment, new hire orientation, management development, and cross-training.

2. Provides intensive orientation and training programs to equip the employees in his assigned duties, job description, job role, and the relationship of position to other positions in the organization. 

3. Conducts workplace safety training and other government mandated training programs to educate employees on risk management issues. 

A.2. Organizational Development

1. Designs, directs and manages a company-wide process of organization development that addresses issues such as succession planning, superior workforce development, key employee retention, organization design, and change management.

2. Leads the implementation of the Performance Management System that includes Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and Professional Career Development Plan (PDP).

A.3. Policy Formulation

1. Keeps new hires and tenured employees abreast of the policies and procedures of the organization. This might include (but not limited to) the distribution of employee handbook, code of conduct, and performance appraisal guidelines.

A.4. Safety and Health / Risk Management

1. Complies with Occupational Safety and Health Standards in keeping accurate records for all work related injuries.

2. Ensures compliance with legal requirements based on job function for safety measures.

3. Proactively detects risk items that could pose a possible threat to the company.

A.5. Employee Engagement

1. Organizes activities which will help to know an employee at the personal and professional level, to establish a positive employer-employee relationship, and to promote a high level of employee morale and motivation.

2. Conducts periodic surveys to measure employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

A.6. Learning Management System

1. Prepares position based curriculum.

2. Maintains employee training records.

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