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Corporate Assistant Finance Manager (CPA)

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  1. Preferably a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT with 5 years minimum experience as an Assistant Accounting Manager or Assistant Finance Manager.
  2. Candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in business studies/administration/management, Commerce, Economics, Finance/Accountancy/Banking or related field.
  3. Proficient in the use of basic applications in a Windows-based environment, including Outlook, Word and Excel.
  4. Excellent customer experience and problem-solving skills.
  5. Effective English communication skills, both oral and written. Can speak the local dialect and/or Filipino.
  6. Action orientated. Should be able to follow up on feedback to ensure positive outcomes.



  1. Responsible in submitting Financial Reports to Finance Manager
  2. Responsible in analyzing and checking of Financial Reports to ensures accuracy.
  3. Ensures compliance to all Financial Reports as required by the Finance Manager and timely submission
  4. Analyze Financial Reports and submit recommendations for the improvement of financial conditions
  5. Prepare Corporate office Financial Planning to be submitted to Finance Manager every year.
  6. Responsible in submitting Financial Data as may be required by top management or Finance Manager.
  7. Responsible in checking and overseeing the Corporate Finance Department if all Cash and Cash Equivalents are intact thru Cash Count and Bank Reconciliation.
  8. Responsible in checking Billing Statement are timely prepared, billed and collected.
  9. Assist FM in compliance with Bank requirements
  10. Responsible in handling corporate office funding and consolidation of fund requirement and excess- which will be reported to Finance Manager
  11. Responsible in proper handling of payables and timely payment
  12. Responsible in assisting implementation of programs and procedures in safeguarding the assets of the company which includes asset tagging, inventory etc.
  13. Recommends Financial templates and forms that can be useful in establishing accountability
  14. Responsible for overseeing the conduct of asset inventories including PPE (quarterly), other assets and non-consumable items:
  15. Oversee and manage the whole aspect of FSFC Corporate office Accounting.
  16. Responsible in submitting requirements in relation to achievement of projects.

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