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1. PROFREV, Noble Foundation and Organisation

Welcome to the Professional and Reverends!

We are here to recruit you to be part of the Professional and Reverends, PROFREVHA ™.

We were born with 36 countries among universe which backs up to admission the Professional and Reverends in year of 2021. Yeet, beyond master thesis in Statistical Economic to the university as Broader Organization, we offer you a job, profession, and being paid! So not to be confused with the grassroots aswell

I, Hengki Ardika will take you to beneficiary organisation and led you concern when it's getting a neglect.

We're working with Simple Different, Google, and Facebook.


Please check your submission on,

1. Google Profrevha-tm *null g source

2. NBM & Aggregate  

3. Profrevhatm740 Workplace (Facebook/ demo trial)

4. Spy Agent Intelligent


6. Profrev

7. Profrevha Google Dream Career Builder (Relator Responder for respect

8. Kikouks Paok One Publication Corporate

9. Nine Business Market incorporate

10. Kikouks Paok Ltd

11. Tripped Nitch ©

12. Demo site Profrevha business


Simply download the demo apps

1. Profrevha Deals and Donation 

2. Spy Agent Intelligent

3. Spy Agent Intelligent Quiz

4. Profrevhatm740


6. Profrev

7. Profrevha

Apps Links expired 21 August 2021 on trial visiting of Profrevha Atlassian 22 August 2021.

Nonetheless, we're expecting your politeness and participation to work together.

Best regards,


Hengki Ardika

PROFREVHA ™ founder.



In mission Russia (2021); Brought UNFPA, UNESCO to sustainability followed by other country and gives preparation (Norway) to be part (PROFREVHA) as established universal world. 

2. Contact Us

Contact Information

Here is a place for you to communicate with us freely about the organization and business updates everyday!

We help out dropout students to finish submission in safe and secure.

Passcode to message:

1. Question

2. Enroll

3. Career

Click to read more ...


3. PROFREVHA ™ Founder and Co-owner

Name: Hengki Ardika

Time of birth: 08 January 1986

Nationality: Indonesian

Email: Sign Up to Apply

Facebook: Fields Medalist

Tribes: Canada, UK, Japan

Trivia: 1995, 2002, 2003

Siglum: ÑGR

Awards: Special prize, Gold and Silver IMO




Students Loans


P0.(phone number)×306816(hours)-2021

194.463036P salary/hour

Profrevha ™ bonus






£500B- Mega City/Jamaal Kashogi


On Sale!

£221× 5M(people)


In Market!

TRADE starts from £462,400.00!


Business Affiliations

• PROFREVHA ™- Hengki Ardika

35 y.o.

• Apple Inc- Steve Jobs

21 y.o; 


1. PROFREVHA ™ and Apple Inc Beneficiary Accumulations


  • Beneficiary Value is salary per hour of Noble and Age.
  • Beneficial Benefits is salary per hour of established company in year revenue.


• Apple Inc Beneficial Benefits (BB) is £116.671737/hours (phone number)

Apple Inc Beneficial Benefits II (BB II) is £311.134773/hours (phone number)present)


Beneficiary Value (BV) is £0.50÷(total hours for 9 years old)


• PROFREVHA ™ Beneficiary Value (BV) is pence 0.(phone number)/hours. (phone number)

PROFREVHA ™ Beneficial Benefits (BB) is £194.463036/hours (phone number)

PROFREVHA ™ is {Hours×Beneficiary Value (BV)}


2. Apple Inc Beneficiary Accumulation and Calculations.

Steve Jobs Apple Inc

  • (phone number)years)

184,080(hours)×0.(phone number)BV)=£116.671737/hours (Apple Inc; Beneficial Benefits, BB(phone number)

  • (phone number)years)

306,792×£116.671737=£35,793,955.5 (Apple Inc; Assets Revenue, A.R(phone number)

  • (phone number)years)

490,896×(PROFREVHA ™ BV)= £311.134773/hours. (Apple Inc; Beneficial Benefits II, BB II 2011-present.)


Premiere Profrevha Organisation


Established Time: 

(phone number)



Sempali 4A-1 Lalang Cucur Rantau 

Karang Baru Tamiang Aceh 

Indonesia 24474



Division 1. Production

• PROFREV Noble Foundation (Profrevha) Department

Products, marketing, customer affections and affectionate.


Division 2. Financial Company

 •PROFREVHA ™ Department

Pricing, trade, bet direct.


Division 3. Data management

• PROFREVHA One Department

Stating, compute, Brainerd.


Division 4. Legacy and Accreditation (DENT)

• Spy Agent Intelligent Department

Publications, publishing, go settle Midas.



1. Master degree qualifications

2. Super Stain Ability

3. Genuine package with fame.

4. Worth acquaintance to another.

5. Educative, safe, secure, and peace.



1. Reach 6561 members classified as pre-participants, participants, employees, sponsor, to work through Premiere Profrevha Organisation by names professional and reverends.

2. Each 10 tenure members should achieve 20% company income.

3. Establish with academic value based on master degree from university.

4. Getting safe and secure in finishing admission from real life.

5. Verified as premiere Organisation with all beneficiary aspects.



"Respect, response, relate"


the Plainers quote:

"6561 is meant to be United Kingdom to Australia."

"All features used for us as peace."


"Plaintiff; 421.7/1138/2003"


Business Products:

1. PROFREV Noble

2. PROFREV Organiser


4. PROFREV Consultant

5. PROFREV Tena Book

6. PROFREV Ftenurre

7. PROFREV Noble Referral

8. PROFREV Organiser Referral


Product value:

• £348,00 (Main Products)

• £467.5 (Referral 1+ Referral 2) (Beta products)


PROFREV Noble Organiser (Profrevha Referral Contract):

1. 25% of profitable business is own by PROFREV Participants.

2. 5% of Beneficiary Business is own by PROFREV Participants.


Sponsor Benefits:

‌Sponsor is safe and secure.

‌Sponsor is in high position within business to development.

‌Sponsor role is applicable to another.

‌Sponsor is given Euler of operations.

‌Sponsor is go public business on the fame .

‌Sponsor is in the highest link up to other.

‌Sponsor is undefeated with own operations.

‌20% company income+ 20% products achieve (Main Products)

‌20% company income+ 20% products achieve+ 12% emerging contract (Beta Products)




Noble foundation and Organisation


Occupation and Membership

1. Pre-participants; people are in PROFREVHA One recruitment operations.

2. Participants; people are in passed PROFREVHA One recruitment operations.

3. Employees; people who achieved or enrolled with PROFREVHA ™ referral.

4. Sponsors; people or instance whose totally supports Premiere Profrevha Organisation with condition and terms through PROFREVHA One.

5. (Optional) Brand Ambassadors; endorsed and be endorsements.


All membership is in beneficial organisation equality.


(phone number)

Premiere Profrevha Organisation


5. PROFREVHA One, Assets and Banker

Annual Salary: £35×9 (hours)= £315
Transcript Salary: £21
Frontline, Leadership, & Presidency: £26×£36= £936
Subvention: £500B/5M (people)= £100k
Bonus: £2.179
Total wage: £101,274.179

6. PROFREVHA ™ Benefecial Benefits

Profrevha should have earned £1.94,463036 (1 pound sterling 94 pence 463036 shillings) in hour.



7. PROFREVHA ™ Hours Operations


Open: 07:43

Close: 16:43

8. PROFREVHA ™ Deals and Donation

If you think you can relate what we have done here, you can achieve your Professional and Reverend by giving donation to its address. As you know by dealing with PROFREVHA ™ you should have spent 9 hours of your Life Business to merge to organization.  


Donation Address:

(phone number)

BRI Bank

Hengki Ardika




9. Bank Indonesia Projects Enabler

Credit Code Verification

Plaintiff 2021/1148/425
Registry(phone number)
VaT-ID(phone number)

"Management Statistics Economic Developer E-commerce FinTech Central Bank Business of Kikouks Paok Ltd & PROFREVHA ™ operates for 9 hours to 15 hours HENGKIARD Global Owner Office."


Hengki Ardika
Sell £0.145
Buy £0.123
Stock Exchange Rate 0

Sell £1.94
Buy £1.8
Stock Exchange Rate £0.(phone number)

Sell £18
Buy  £4
Stock Exchange Rate £0.(phone number)

Sell £40
Buy £35
Stock Exchange Rate £0.00063

Sell   £315
Buy  £194
Stock Exchange Rate £0.022

Sell: £18189
Buy:  £1098
Stock Exchange Rate £0.429


1. Plaintiff-daily Rp8765.808/£1.94
2. Plaintiff National £186/3years
3. Plaintiff International £248/4years
4. Plaintiff Global £434/7 years
5. Beneficiary Plaintiff £558/9years
6. Beneficial Plaintiff £744/12years
7. Benevolent Plaintiff £806/13years

Plaintiff: 421.7/1138/2003
REGISTERED(phone number)
VAT-ID(phone number)


Sempali 4A-1 Lalang Cucur Rantau 
Karang Baru Tamiang Aceh 
Indonesia 24474


PayPal me or just booking on chat nor click it's wednesday743ish


"Respect Response Relate"

-Draiknehg & Ghenkiard-
Prof. Rev. Hengki Ardika,
HENGKIARD Global Owner Office

Made with SimDif

Hengki Ardika



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