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Pump Attendant

Jaybee Auto Service Station Posted: 4 Month
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The Pump Attendant is known as Customer Service Attendant (CSA). His job is to greet customers, be courteous and make them feel welcome at the station. He will assist the customers to fill petrol, direct them to the cashier for payment or assist them on how to slot in the credit card onto the OPT machine in the pump. He has also to assist customers to pump air into the tyres, wipe the windscreen and polish the tyres when requested to do so. He has to help arrange the cars in a manner that will optimise the use of all the pumps.

The Pump Attendant is also required to maintain a clean environment and a clean toilet.  

The Pump Attendant must be regular and punctual in coming to work  and behave in a manner to maintain  the image of the company.  .

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