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1. To provide technical support and assistance as part of the Technical Team across all scopes of
work assigned to NBWS under the said project.
2. To Coordinate with project managers, engineers and architects as a representative of the company
when assigned to a project or project site.
3. To work with the Technical Team in design processes, strategies, and troubleshooting.
4. To regularly apply one’s training and knowledge fully across all areas of work assigned to you.
5. To conduct a systematic daily set of tasks/ or routine including conducting system checks,
ensuring that assigned scopes of work are accomplished to standard, and to provide training,
where necessary to members of the team to ensure adherence to company standards.
6. While onsite, to regularly submit daily progress reports to the main office and report any
significant issues or developments to one’s immediate supervisor.
7. To build amicable relationships and partnerships with authorized client representatives,
contractors, engineers, or project managers to ensure a smooth and beneficial working
8. To build a good relationship with one’s clients to inculcate loyalty and encourage continued
preference for the company’s various products and services.
9. To sustain excellent customer and partner relations and service across all affiliated sectors or
clients by ensuring that the clients’ needs prior, during, and post-installation are always met with
efficiency and quality by the Technical Team assigned to the said project.
10. To conduct product presentations where necessary to various clients and partners.
11. Perform management work such as coordination, documentation, reporting and liaising between
the client or partner and NBWS for requirements needed by the client or head office to submit
formal requests, requests for billings, progress reports, etc.
12. To perform other required tasks, if necessary.

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