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Stock & Trade Assistant

SBS Philippines Corporation Posted: 2 Month
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  • Ensures that all invoices coming from brokers are all complete.
  • Sorting of buying and selling invoices from brokers.
  • Daily reconciliation of buying and selling invoices versus broker's transactions summary
  • Responsible for the matching of local transactions in all brokers and make sure that all matched shares were properly slashed out in the stock ledger
  • Recording of interest, profit/ loss computation in the stock ledgers accurately
  • Routing of selling transactions with bank details and p&l computations to the svp for final signature
  • Maintains summary of float and short stocks in local trading
  • Record keeping of all deposit slips and check vouchers of selling transactions from finance department
  • Monitoring of payment for short selling transactions
  • Updating and balance forward of profit and loss in stock ledgers
  • Filing all selling invoices with their respective attachments, deposit slips and vouchers
  • Assist the needs of department head and officers in charge 

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