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Tuition Center Assistant / Teacher Salary Range: R

Nala Groups Posted: 1 Month
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[Job Benifits:]
1. Anual Leave, Medical Leave, public holidays, optional leave entitlements.
2. Accommodation provided

[Job Description:]
1. Teaching & guide student 
2. Help to check student homework.
3. Help to update & contact with student's parents regarding their status.

[Requirements :]
Welcome fresh graduate to apply!
Patient, love, caring & responsible
Willing to learn.


1. 教学指导学生
2. 帮助检查学生作业。
3. 帮助更新和联系学生家长,了解他们的状态。

1. 欢迎 SPM 以上毕业生申请!
2. 有耐心、有爱心、有爱护心、有责任心。
3. 愿意学习。

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