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PT. Wira Surya Mandiri

Project Officer

PT. Wira Surya Mandiri Posted: 27 Days
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Duties and responsibilities:
a. Responsible for the development & design of project roadmaps, making the necessary timelines for PMO to maintain the continuity of all projects carried out by the company and ensure that these projects follow the company's strategy.
b. Ensuring that the project can be completed according to standards and work on time.
c. Apply in-depth technical knowledge to related technical divisions.
d. Make system planning & project control that will run (Database, Flow data flow, etc.)
e. Maintain transparency of each project to help companies make effective decisions
f. Assists team members with administrative and operational assistance
g. Help expedite the flow of information and communication in project work
h. Carry out inventory planning and control functions for project needs
f. Act as a liaison with supervisors related to management
g. Processing project data into the internal system (Allocation & monitoring orders)
h. Manage the flow of internal & external project information & data
i. Ensuring orders for material needs of the project are sent on time
j. Communicating Issues / Problems
k. Monitor project progress, track the progress of each project to ensure the company completes it according to the specified budget, resources and schedule

Job Specifications
1. Integrity, Initiative, Creative
2. Understand and understand the prpoject / engineering field
3. Presentation skills
4. Have 2D/3D Computer Aided Design skills (optional)
5. Planning & development skills
6. Strong analytical, critical, detailed, and logical thinking, problem solving
7. Teamwork
8. Have good communication skills
9. Understanding Fiber Optic
10. Understand fiber optic network technology
11. Understand project management
12. Understand the structure in building

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