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On Top HR Consultancy

Accounting & Finance Team Head

On Top HR Consultancy Posted: 1 Month
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- Mayor’s Permit Renewal

- Real Prop. Tax Payments of various real properties

- Bu of Customs Permit Renewal

- Compute Result of Team’s KPI



- VAT Reporting(Sales Report, Expense Report and EWT)

- Metrobank online (MBOS) Payment for VAT/WE



- MBOS Payment for Payroll

- Computation of Rebates and commissions of sales agents

- Compute Meralco and Manila Water Expenses



- Attend L10 Meeting

- Reporting of Rocks Status

- Complete To Do’s for L10

- Computation/Update of Sales Margin and other measurable (KPIs for L10)

- Sending of Overdue Report to Sales Agents

- Client’s Accounting/Finance Visit



- Update Sales Report/Overdue Report/Payment

- Supervise  work of Bookkeeper/Accounting  Assistant

- Monitor Delivery cost Rate per kg

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