Frequently Asked Questions

It is the most effective and efficient way to ensure that your CV will reach out decision makers in Singapore corporates and companies, it saves you time and effort, and gives you the chance to discover much more options and opportunities for your in the employment market, after you submit your CV along with your cover letter we start the distribution process to send them across our database of contacts to ensure that you get introduced to companies in Singapore employment market.
We have an extensive database of more than 300,000 emails updated in 2017 that covers wide range of companies and corporates in Singapore, that makes it the unique service to help you get recognized over the employment market.
It's only few simple steps!, you have to go first to our CV Distribution page, fill in your name and email address, type or paste in your Cover letter and finally proceed with payment. That's It!, then leave the rest for us, we'll take it from there.
Our payment gateway is powered by DreamCareerBuilder Payment Gateway-Paypal, which uses industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools, and protect your payment information from being shared with any other parties, however registering an account in Paypal is not necessary to conduct the payment, you can use your cards to do it via Paypal and yet get the high security level, for more info click here.
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