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Bilingual (Slovak-English) Customer Support

Strikingly Posted: 2 Month Work From Home
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Your job is to spread happiness and create WOW moments to our customers, specifically: 

Emanate our brand and personality in every customer interaction by adopting the Strikingly voice and tone
Deliver WOW moments through exceptional customer service to new and existing customers across all channels (email, chat, social media)
Translate our product and all customer communications like newsletters, lifecycle emails and more
Develop expertise on our product and internal software to help our customers efficiently
Maintain happiness and positivity in every customer and team interaction

We ask our Happiness Officers to have:


  • Professional level Slovak and English communication skills

  • Strong passion to help people with different learning curves

  • Deep love for learning new things, problem solving, and analytical skills

  • Experience in customer service in a fast-paced environment

  • Availability to work at full time capacity (40 hours per week)

  • Working desktop/computer with at least 8GB RAM, Windows 10/MacOS 10.12.6, Core i3/AMD Ryzen 3 or higher; and at least 20 Mbps internet connection



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