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1.   Recruitment and Selection - concerned with sourcing and screening of applicants to determine suitable candidates for various positions in the organization

a.    Maintain robust resume data bank;

b.    Review all Personnel Requisition Form (PRF); ensure that they are duly signed by approving authority.

c.    Post vacancies on the internet, newspaper, campuses, or on other management-approved media, whenever a need arises;

d.    Conduct screening activities that will aid in hiring officers in making decisions such as resume review, initial interview, and reference check;

e.    Ensure implementation of screening protocols and provide feedback to parties concerned on the results of process;

f.     Address any and all issues pertaining to recruitment within the position's sphere of authority, escalate other matters to immediate superior, as necessary

2.   On-boarding - concerned with hiring and deployment of successful candidates to their respective section/department/ business unit

a.    Prepare job offer/contract, seek signature of approving authorities and present this to successful candidates following the standard procedure;

b.    Ensure that all pre-employment requirements are complied with prior to start date especially clearances and medical examination

c.    Conduct employee orientation and ensure that all conditions of employment and code of discipline are accepted and understood;

d.    Introduce newly-hired employees to other members of the organization and endorse them to their immediate superior

e.    Process all tools of trade applicable to the position; route all request document for proper approval

3.   Employee Data Management - concerned with maintenance, updating and reporting of manpower status on a regular basis, both in electronic and physical format

a.    Monitor and update employee records in physical and electronic format; ensure that all information current and accurate

b.    Prepare and submit manpower report every 16th and 30th/31st of each month to management

c.    Monitor and document all manpower movement; submit copy to Payroll and file a copy in the employee's 201 file; d. Build 201 file for new hires

e. Act as 201 file custodian, ensure that the files are intact and not released to unauthorized personnel; archive 201 files and dispose following established document retention and disposal policy

4.   Post-employment Activities - concerned with handling activities and tasks pertaining to separation of employee from the


a.    Brief separating employee on all relevant activities and documentary requirements; ensure that these are all carried out within the prescribed period;

b.    Route employee clearances; for terminated employees, initiate preparation of clearance

Upon receipt of resignation notice, send advance notice via email to all concerned parties of HR and Accounting Departments

c.    Coordinate with Accounting Department on the release of final pay; issue final pay check to separated employee within one (1) month from their date of separation, and ensure she/he signs on the check voucher; return signed check voucher to Accounting;


5.   Employee Relations - concerned with providing support to line managers in resolving workplace issues including but not limited to audit, discipline and performance

a.    Prepare and issue all documents pertaining to disciplinary sanction including but not limited to Notice to Explain and Notice of Decision, specifically those concerning audit findings and other minor offences

b.    Assist immediate superior in the conduct of administrative hearing, if necessary

c.    File all documents in the employee 201 file

d.    Attend mediation/arbitration meeting, if necessary

e.    Collaborate with DOLE inspectors during spot and regular audit; prepare and present all documents as proof of compliance; ensure

f.     Maintain updated record of all documents pertaining to DOLE including but not limited to labor cases and compliance audit


6.   Compensation and Benefits - concerned with processing of timekeeping reports as well as administration of company provided and government -mandated benefits

a.    Prepare/monitor preparation of timekeeping reports and ensure that they are submitted to Payroll on or before due date

c.    Monitor wage increases as mandated by government; prepare and seek approval on the increase of affected employees

d.    Process request for claims to government agencies such as SSS, PAGIBIG, and PHIC; prepare documents pertaining to these and maintain an updated file of the same

e.    Prepare request for payment of advances to employees pertaining to maternity and sick leave benefits following the mandated computation

f.     Ensure timely filing and release of all cash claims and ensure that these are equivalent to the advances made by the Company

7.   Performance Management - concerned with the design and implementation of the Company's performance management system and ensuring compliance thereto by all concerned stakeholders

a.    Implement semi-annual performance appraisal, prepare executive summary, and submit the same to management

b.    Ensure appraisal of probationary employees and make appropriate recommendation as to their employment status

c.    Revise, review, and ensure validity of the performance tool as deemed necessary

8.   Ensure compliance to all the mandates of DOLE and submit all required reports within the prescribed period;

9.   Performs other tasks that may be assigned to you from time to time

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