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Hydroscience Engineering Sdn bhd

Service Technicians

Hydroscience Engineering Sdn bhd Posted: 1 Month
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1)Take reading every 4 hours’ time on all plants and job down to daily checklist and monthly checklist.

2 ) Key in data as preparation for daily morning meeting based on 7am checklist.

3 ) Doing maintenance of the plants such as changing polisher, changing columns, regeneration on Mixed Bed, and fixing any pipe leakage or faulty equipment.

4 ) Doing pumps maintenance in the plants.

5 ) Perform housekeeping every week.

6) Knowledgeable on site safety, PPE, and standards related to systems and work performance

7) Attends and contributes to daily toolbox  meetings or other meetings as scheduled to communicate system status, potential issues, and coordinate with operators as needed to schedule repair and maintenance activity

8) Conduct periodic monitoring on equipment that operates the systems such as pumps, motors, meters, mechanical and electrical parts.

9) Conduct calendar based maintenance on equipment that operates the systems as pumps, motors, meters, mechanical and electrical parts.

10) Conduct minor repairs on mechanical related problems on equipment that operates the Systems.

Conduct checking of on-line monitoring instruments and other related units of the systems at least once a month or as per need basis.

11) Provide and perform scheduled Preventive Maintenance for each equipment concern in the systems operation.  Log every activity done on Equipment History Record and provide equipment analysis and recommendations.  Perform spare parts management

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