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SolidLeisure Solutions Inc.

Java Developer

SolidLeisure Solutions Inc. Posted: Today
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1. Bachelor degree or above, more than three years of software design and development experience, large-scale web system research and development is preferred
2. Be able to apply J2EE and other web development technologies proficiently, and be proficient in Spring, SpringMVC, SpringBoot
3. Have a deep understanding of the basic theory of databases, and be able to use oracle or mysql proficiently
4. Understand html, css, js, familiar with nodejs is preferred 5. Proficiency in Linux system, master common commands
5. Strong learning ability, excellent logical thinking ability 6. Good communication and teamwork skills
Special Priorities:
1. Have experience in managing a team of 5 or more people
2. Have internet-related work
3. Those with gaming experience

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