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Purchasing Executive

Linktel Technologies Sdn Bhd Posted: 1 Month
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Job Role 

Handling and responsible for supplier development, material demand negotiation, procurement, order signing, arrival follow-up, incoming materials warehousing in relation to the Purchase Order, to ensure the smooth supply chain and the normal operation of the company's production. 

Job Responsibilities

1. According to the purchase requisition provided by the demand department, prepare the purchase order, carry out the purchase operation in a timely, appropriate and appropriate price, complete the purchase task, ensure that the required materials and related services are purchased in a timely manner according to the plan, and ensure the production to be running smotthly;

2. Handle daily purchase orders, track the normal storage of materials throughout the process, and prepare the pre-declaration data for imported materials to avoid customs declaration problems that would affect delivery;

3. Handle abnormal arrival problems in a timely manner, and handle unqualified product returns, claims, etc.;

4. Track the current and long-term changes in the supply of purchased materials, formulate risk procurement plans, and control procurement risks; perform well in comparing and negotiating prices for mass-produced materials;

5. Carry out supplier review and development, comparative analysis and judgment, and negotiate with the manufacturer's capacity, equipment, delivery, quality assessment and certification, and decide to select appropriate suppliers and transaction terms. To confirm the participation of excellent suppliers. Regularly review and evaluate the price, capacity, quality and delivery to  determine the supply capacity of the manufacturing process from time to time;

6. Document management, timely filing of purchase orders and supplier return orders accordingly;

7. Develop and plan a monthly payment plan according to the payment terms of each supplier respectively;

8. Complete other tasks arranged by superior.

Skills Required

Good communication, good oordination skills, negotiation skills and with initaitive.

Languages Profiencies 

Must be able to speak and write in Mandarin, English and malay .

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