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Mandarin Speaking Assistant

Summer Drive Technology, Inc Posted: 28 Days
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Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist CEO and Project Manager in daily management of the local business operation, assist Management in communicating with local employees;

2. Constantly follow up product developing issues, communicate directly with colleagues from Technical department and Product Operation department regarding APP and back-end system optimizations;

3. Assist CEO and Project Manager in business cooperation communications;

4. Pay attention to and collect information of local customers, markets and competitors, and timely feedback to the management to provide the company's decision-makers with scientific basis for strategy formulation;

5. Other tasks assigned by the leader;


Job Requirements:

1. Able to speak, read, and write Mandarin fluently as working language;

2. Bachelor degree or above; At least 1 year of working experience (applicable only to regular employee candidates)

3. Recognize and adapt to the fast paced working style, able to work under high pressure;

4. Self - motivated and have entrepreneurial spirit, willing to grow with the company;

5. Reliable and responsible, fast learning, multitasking.

6.Works in Manila

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